Earthlink ticks all the boxes - 

  • Fair Trade (no sweatshops)


  • Made of natural materials eg cotton, silk, jute, wood


  • Environmentally friendly and made of sustainable materials eg offcuts of timber from building industry


  • Recyclable / recycled


  • Helps your centre meet EYLF outcomes (and other Quality Standards)


Hi all and welcome!

My name is Sally Eberhardt and I am the proud owner of Earthlink since October 2012 - after working in market research for quite a few years it was time to combine my passion for making a difference by helping people lift themselves out of poverty with the self-determination that owning your own business gives.  And I am loving it!

Having seen first hand the poor conditions that many people endure in travels to places like Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi and Timor Leste I am thrilled to support Fair Trade and all it stands for. I have been lucky enough to visit a sponsored child (now that is a humbling experience) and also some of our precious artisans.

For many years I have been involved with fund-raising for a number of NGO's including World Vision, Women for Women International and The Alola Foundation and at the moment am focussed on Awaken Mozambique (Earthlink micro-finances a small business there).. and lots of others through various organisations I am part of. 

Adventuring into the early childhood education sector is new to me and I am really enjoying learning about what the children need and how they are supported by teachers and resources. I have met lots of wonderful people at conferences etc and during my visits and look forward to meeting many more!

My dream is to form a grass-roots collective of artisans (on Fair Trade basis of course), help with product development etc and then have those products sold through Earthlink - I'd like to see the whole process through. And then do the same again in another country.... Well...dreams should be BIG! And my ultimate goal is helping people help themselves while providing unique and meaningful products.

I would love for you to feel like you are part of this adventure too. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions, information etc - I will respond.

Hope to see or hear from you soon! Love, Sally

Earthlink - Your ethical choice for Fair Trade resources, gifts and more


The ethics and values of Fair Trade are as follows:

Paying a fair local wage  

Providing healthy and safe working conditions  

Supporting environmentally sustainable practices  

Promoting traditional cultures through development of saleable products  

Providing financial and technical assistance to micro producers


Promoting equal gender opportunity


Ensuring there is no child labour


Seeking self reliance and independence for the artisans


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